Construction and assembly work

Construction and assembly work

Salaheev Ilfat Alfatovich

Salaheev Ilfat Alfatovich

Head of Direction

The more modern prefabricated buildings and structures replaced the protracted brick and concrete. Our credo - the construction of buildings and structures in a really short time! Thanks to our own design, technology and production, as well as the abandonment of heavy reinforced concrete structures, in a short time it is possible to implement large projects of shopping centers, sports facilities, medical facilities, transport infrastructure facilities.

Our services

Installation of metal structures Installation of metal structures
Installation of front panels Installation of front panels
Roof installation Roof installation
Construction of prefabricated buildings Construction of prefabricated buildings
Installation of metal structures in numbers
  • 270 000

    Mounted facade panels, m²

  • 220 000

    Mounted roofing, m²

  • 60 000

    Mounted steel structures, tons

  • MORE 100

    Built buildings and structures from metal structures

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